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Candy Cane

By serving as yearlong sponsors, local businesses and corporations can help provide impactful, horse-assisted activities to special needs and at-risk populations. This annual approach also offers our supporters maximum reach and exposure through our two major events, creates strong relationships between Pony Power and our partners and allows for strong financial planning for both parties.

There is only one yearlong sponsorship opportunity remaining! Become a Yellow Ribbon Sponsor today. Click below to learn more.

Golf & Tennis Outing Champion

Thank you CS Technology for committing $30,000 to support Pony Power Therapies!

Fall Benefit Horse Show Champion

Thank you to the consortium of local barns including Ri-Arm Farm, Saddle Ridge Riding Center, Saddle River Equestrian, Winter Haven Equestrian Center, and 44 North Farm for committing $30,000 to support Pony Power Therapies!

Blue Ribbon Sponsor

Thank you Createch Marketing for committing $15,000 to support Pony Power Therapies!

Red Ribbon Sponsor

Thank you Resource Furniture and Hartmann Doherty for each committing $10,000 to support Pony Power Therapies!

Yellow Ribbon Sponsor


We rely significantly on two major fundraising events each year – the Golf & Tennis Outing in July and the Fall Benefit Horse Show & Family Fair at the farm in October. These two events combined make up one-third of our total annual operating budget.

In an effort to offer our supporters maximum reach and exposure, we offer yearlong sponsorships covering both events. This one-time approach not only helps us create strong relationships with our partners, but also allows for sound financial planning for both parties. 

To learn more about this sponsorship opportunity, or to become a sponsor, contact Wendy Lupo at wendy@ponypowernj.org or (201) 934-1001.


White, Pink or Green Ribbon Sponsor


Anne Armstrong-Coben, MD & Harlan Coben


Thank you to Rodman Media, Anne Armstrong-Coben, MD & Harlan Coben, and the Hirsh Family for their Green, White, and Pink Ribbon commitments of $5,000!

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