Sibling Program

Our sibling program is a one-stop opportunity to combine therapy and recreational fun for all of your kids. Pony Power has been serving the special needs and able-bodied community for over ten years with a staff of certified and friendly instructors.

“What can I say, it takes my breath away to see my girls ride together.  To see my Amanda ride and laugh from pure enjoyment is so ….I actually at this point can not find the word that would totally express how I feel…its just too wonderful for words.   To see Courtney wave at Amanda as she passes her makes me melt…At one time all 3 of my girls were in the ring together and it is a memory I will always keep in my mind.

Pony Power has touched all three of my girls in so many ways:

Pony Power has helped Amanda with strengthening her back and legs, has made her aware of how different it feels to sit on a horse and try to hold her balance.

Pony Power helped Samantha come out of her shell, to see and help other handicapped children, to find something she enjoyed so much she couldn’t wait to go back, most of all to find self confidence.

Pony Power is special  to Courtney in so many ways; she gets to ride with her sister and her best friend ever; she has found that she can ride as well if not better than her oldest sister; she has decided that she wants to work with horses when she gets older; she says she loves to see Amanda laughing when she rides; she thinks its so special that handicap kids can have as much fun as her riding a horse.

So what can I say, Pony Power has been a place where we have found happiness, love, strength, self confidence, and friends.”
—Lee Hoeland

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