Stable Insights

Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Opportunities for Groups and Individuals

Horses are sensitive, no-nonsense animals that mirror human behavior and provide insight into the challenges we face in our lives. Stable Insights is an experiential learning program using horses to serve groups or individuals seeking to acquire or improve on specific skills and competencies. Programs range from team-building and improving leadership skills to enhancing social skills, relationships, life transitions and development of stress management techniques, for individuals and families.

What can you expect?

The content and duration of programming is customized to meet the needs of each group or individual. Stable Insights provides impactful programming whether through a day-long retreat or six to eight weekly sessions. This short-term hands-on experience with horses enables clients to make positive, long-lasting changes in their professional and personal lives.

Sessions are goal-specific, interactive experiences conducted on the ground and intended to provide immediate solution-oriented results. Clients do not ride and do not need any prior horse experience. Sessions are available year round in the private indoor and outdoor arenas of Three Sisters Farm, home to Pony Power Therapies.

Who can participate?

Stable Insights can benefit corporate teams, nonprofit groups, families in transition, teens and tweens, at-risk youth, substance abuse programs, eating disorders programs and schools. We offer half–day, full-day and multi-day retreats (overnight accommodations, if necessary, may be made nearby), as well as weekly sessions.

How do you get started?

To arrange an individual appointment or develop a group or corporate team building program contact Bonnie Malajian, LCSW, at 201.934.1001 or via email at

All sessions are facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker who is certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association ( and assisted by trained equine handlers.

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