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Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding incorporates the pleasures and skills of horseback riding to build developmental, emotional, social and physical skills for each individual rider. Under the direction of a PATH International certified instructor and supported by trained volunteers, each rider progressively acquires riding skills and measurable improvements in life skills. Though weekly, individualized sessions, we help riders walk, talk, connect, focus, behave, learn and have fun! Read more »

Riding is therapy for everyone involved

School Groups

Riding horses is proven to address several symptoms commonly found in special needs classrooms, and especially affiliated with autistic and multiply handicapped populations: lack of communication and social skills, lowered sensory skills, motor skills and response to verbal cues and external stimuli. School groups come weekly to the farm for a one-hour session that is evenly divided between riding and horse-centered classroom and farm activities. Read more »

Sibling Program

Our sibling program is a unique opportunity to combine therapy and recreational fun for all of your children. Some parents point to therapeutic riding as one of the best ways to provide a “shared” experience for their special needs and traditional riders. Read more »

PALS Program

Our PALS (Pony-Assisted Life Skills) Program is aimed at developing and honing fundamental life skills in children and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as individuals, families and groups facing a range of life challenges, such as those dealing with trauma and loss, substance abuse and recovery, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, relationship and social issues, parenting challenges and more.

Pony Power for Heroes

We offer impactful horse-centered programming to those who have served in our country’s armed services. Veterans can experience a variety of physics. psychological and social benefits by using these sensitive, no-nonsense animals as a learning tool in mounted and unmounted experiential learning activities. Every activity – from simple grooming to fun team challenges – is intended to empower participants and help them rediscover their resiliency. Read more »

Summer Extended Day Program

Our summer programming provides children one-of-a-kind opportunities, including riding and non-riding horse and farm activities. Participants ride in a supported environment, learn what is involved in taking care of a horse, such as grooming and tacking, as well as take part in arts and crafts, fun games, and more. Plus, we’ve joined forces with Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization (MEVO) to help lead participants in fun farming activities, like gardening, composting and beekeeping. Read more »

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