New Curriculum Satisfies CBI Requirements

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Students learn by doing

We're proud to have developed an all-new curriculum to support area schools seeking Community-Based Instruction (CBI) opportunities for differently-abled students, now required by the New Jersey Department of Education. It is experiential in nature; activities are horse centered and hands on. Through sustained and repeated instruction, participants establish a weekly routine, learn farm and horsemanship skills, and practice life skills like communication, safety and problem solving

By working collaboratively with schools, we're able to tailor the curriculum to best serve students' individual needs while helping the school satisfy CBI requirements, including vocational and recreational learning.

Our Founder & Executive Director Dana Spett shared, “We’re happy to serve as a community resource and instruction site where students can learn by doing in a fully inclusive environment. Horses provide endless opportunities for learning, and we’ve created a program that will grow with the needs of our participants.”

Pilot programming proves a success

Critical support provided by a local donor enabled us to offer pilot programming geared toward middle and high school students, as well as vocational programs for young adults.

“Our partnership with Pony Power has been a great addition to the Springboard Program. Our students have learned a variety of lessons that are not only carried over into the school program, but into their lives as well,” said Robert Mortorano, Principal, Springboard Program. “The staff truly understands the needs of our students, and they’ve helped instill confidence and excitement about the program into all of them. We look forward to a long partnership with Pony Power.”

An enhanced classroom experience

It has always been a priority of ours to maintain a fully accessible and inclusive learning environment. And, in an effort to continue meeting the needs of all of our partcipants, a portion of the funding provided by a local donor was allocated for the purchase of adaptive equipment. Now, participants of all ages and abilities can take part in and comfortably enjoy horse-centered classroom activities.

For more information about the new curriculum and adaptive equipment, check out our press release issued today.

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